Friday, September 02, 2005

We're Packing our Bags By Becks & Posh

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Becks & Posh is going to be taking a little Vacation

Enough of this Posting Malarky!

I did have plans of pre-preparing posts that would magically pop up in my absence (thanks to Amy for volunteering to help me by posting them for me.) I certainly have enough material to cover my absence. But it dawned on my that my blog really wouldn't be me without me here to nurture it. I am heading somewhere it won't really be possible to get on the net, so I am going to take a complete break and hope you will all join me again when I return.

In the meantime, I am including, at the bottom of the page, a set of links to archive posts from last September, which you can wade through it you are in need of something to read. You can laugh at my naivety - I only discovered the wonderful world of food bloggers in August 2004, and last September was a revelation for me - it was when I entered my first ever Is My Blog Burning! A year ago my photos pretty much sucked, I had an audience of about 10 people a day and I hardly ever had any comments. The IMBB post is an exception - note the comment from Fatemeh who has since become one of my best food blogging friends.

Talking of Is My Blog Burning, after patiently waiting for eleven months, I am finally, at long last, hosting September's edition. The announcement will be the last post I write before heading off, on Saturday, for my holiday. Check back in the next couple of days to see what it is going to be...

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