Friday, September 09, 2005

How about rating pings on PPS?

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Maybe I’m just finding it a bit difficult in getting used to Project Petaling Street’s new look.

But it’s getting harder for me to pick out ping titles that I might find interesting (and before some wag says it’s because none of them are interesting, I was referring to visually scanning through the pings). The blue titles seem to just mix with each other, and end up simply twisting my eyeballs inside out.

The end result of this is that there’d be some great post out there that will go unnoticed by me, and quite possible by many others too.

So I’m thinking here, how to avoid this? How do I easily pick out the outstanding posts out there? One way would be to solicit the assistance of other PPS readers. Maybe if you really like a post, you give it some (+) points, and if you don’t like it, you assign it (-) points. Although the (-) points thing could lead to some problems, so maybe we shouldn’t use that.

A post on SE:

This method is used in SE [sometimes NSFW] and other such community-driven blogs, and maybe if we can find a mechanism to implement it with PPS, it’ll work here too.

That way, if I look at PPS Pings, and I notice that a particular post has racked up a lot of points, I’d know that the post in question is popular enough with many readers and will compel me to check it out too.

Edrei once asked, “Who does Project Petaling Street belong to?” His answer:

So yeah, I believe that we own PPS. PPS belongs to everyone who uses it to ping their blogs. It belongs to everyone who uses it to read other people’s blogs. Just as when an artists creates something, whatever the artist creates belongs to society. PPS was created with the society in mind for the society to use and with that, it belongs to the society it was created for.

But so far, we the PPS users do not do much but ping to it, read the pings, use up considerable bandwidth, and occasionally click on the Google ads.

So how about we the users try assisting our fellow PPS pingers and readers by helping them notice those posts that we believe are truly worth their while?

Like I said, the mechanism for the rating will have to be thought out, but do you - dear reader and hopefully PPS user - think it’s something worth working on?

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