Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Motorcycle Jacket

Contributed by Lezah

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I don’t think that the motorcycle jacket has ever been out of style since its inception – from the time of James Dean, it’s represented all that is a wild and out there. We’ve just been seeing a bit less of it recently.

But here’s my prediction: we will soon be seeing a lot more of this old favourite. Consider, for starters, the music that is currently popular – does that not just go hand-in-hand with the whole motorcycle jacket look? Not since the heyday of The Clash have we heard music like this, and with that type of music goes a certain fashion sensibility – one in which the motorcycle jacket figures prominently.

And if I haven’t quite convinced you? Then take a look at this: a number of designers recently have included motorcycle jackets in their collections. To name but a few, Dsquared is showing one ($2,120, www.; and D & G are offering up one with a faux leopard-skin lining ($2,990, 212-965-8000).

Finally, at an art gallery opening that I attended this spring, the piece that garnered the most interest was a vintage motorcycle jacket, highly personalized with badges, studs and the like. It was the only piece in the show that wasn’t for sale, but I know it could have sold many times over.

So mark my words: the motorcycle jacket’s back.

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