Sunday, July 01, 2007

Withdrawal & Renewal By Sashi

This is Day 2 of my Cutting Down On Coffee experiment. Yesterday, I had a splitting headache, and wasn’t really feeling on top of things (although I believe I managed to mask it pretty well in public). Today, I’ve started the day with no headaches, although mentally I am not revving my engines to the max as yet, but it’s still early hours so fingers and toes kept crossed.

It’s also Day 2 of my personal Drive Safely campaign. I’m now keeping watch on my speedometer to ensure I don’t exceed (by too much) the speed limits. I try to make sure that I always use the turn signals when I’m supposed to, even when there are no other cars or pedestrians within sight. I try to be considerate to motorcyclists and other drivers by giving way sometimes.

It’s Day 3 of my Living Healthy experiment. Been taking some herbal products and working out a bit. Combined with the no-coffee experiment, though, means the results are as yet fuzzy. Again, it’s still early days.

This is also Day 4 of another experiment. Slow going on that front, however. (Experiment soon to be posted)

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