Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Prevention by Lezah Williamson

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - I'm sure the old quote goes something like that.

Anyway, that is certainly in keeping with the philosophy of Prevention magazine, which has been around for years now offering great advice on diet, fitness and general good health.

So, in keeping with my new trend towards a healthier lifestyle, I recently picked up a copy of Prevention magazine (www.prevention.com). My mom subscribed to Prevention for years, and it has not changed much: it is still packed full of sound nutritional advice, good fitness tips, as well as the occasional uplifting and inspirational story. I find that it can be a little heavy on the naturopathic supplements, sometimes; I used to find, as well, that it recommended walking as practically a cure-all for everything (although this in this recent issue I picked up, the trend has changed a bit there).

But overall, it is a good little magazine for the health conscious. I've noticed it's frequently on the pile of magazines that collects at doctor's offices, and you know what they say - 9 out of 10 doctors can't be wrong.

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