Saturday, July 14, 2007

Burning Brides - No Show at Richards on Richards By: Christine Albrecht

Yours truly has just returned from downtown Vancouver with an empty notebook.

I was to review the Burning Brides tonight, only to be told there was 'trouble at the border' so the band is MIA.

I am trying to find out what really happened, but I am reminded that this is not the first time I have missed out a performance due to Canadian border issues.

Either we have zealous border guards, or...?

Has anyone else experienced this annoyance? For that matter, are there any bands here in cyberworld who have had troubles trying to enter Canada for a gig? I'd love the hear your stories re: what happens at the border. How detailed is the paperwork (required to cross)? Do Canadian bands have the same amount of trouble getting into the US for shows? Let me know.

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