Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life on Mars by Lezah Williamson

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Lately I've been actually falling asleep as I drive home from work. Why, you ask? Too many late nights is the answer. And just what is it that I'm doing up, so late at night, you ask? Watching 'Life on Mars' is the answer!

Yup, 'Life on Mars' now heads the top of my list as my all-time favourite TV show. It starts off in modern-day Manchester: a CDI is investigating a serial killer. He removes a female detective from the case, amidst her protests. Getting back to the station, he receives a call from her: she has defied his orders, has tailed the suspect to his home, and she now has him in her... (insert screaming here).

Cut to next shot: the police have cordoned off the area from which their colleague has been kidnapped. The inspector leaves - but wait: he's crying! Yes, the female officer was his girlfriend. He's so distraught, he almost causes a car accident, but, being a conscientious policeman, he stops his car, gets out... only to get run over by passing vehicle. We see his body bouncing down the road...

The next thing we know, it's 1973. The soundtrack is awesome, the clothes are hilarious, and the attitudes and ethics of the cops of the time leave a lot to be desired.

Our hero, you see, has woken up in 1973. He's still on the force, but has all his 2007 knowledge without the technology. He's new to the area, and was found lying in the road, having been hit by a car, so everyone thinks his odd behaviour is due to the accident.

Together with his old-school boss, he's got his first case - which is eerily similar to the one he just left way back in 2007.

A crazy concept, but it works. I am sooo hooked.

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