Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dress For Success by Christine Albrecht

Wow. Being a longtime, avid lover of dresses, imagine my surprise at coming across a site devoted to dresses, strictly dresses. Finally, someone has designed a site after my own heart. has dresses for the casual, club, or girly girl. If you don’t feel like shopping by lifestyle, try specific dress requests like ‘polka-dotted’ or ‘gold’ dresses. The site also has a ‘most popular search’ feature which allows you to see what others are considering ‘trendy’ and ‘hot’ at the moment.

Finally, the prices are shopper friendly (even moreso for those of us with Canadian dollars clanking about in our pockets). And even more shopper friendly considering known designer names like, Nick Verreos (made popular through Project Runway) are featured at great prices. Nick’s popular dress, Addison, is on sale for $49.00 from $110.00, and his Justina dress is on sale for $29.00. Imagine, the perfect little black dress for under $30.00? Unheard of. There’s nothing I like better than a good dress scoop.

I think I will be spending a lot of my July hours racking up my Visa with dresses. Check it out.

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