Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ten Reasons To Be A Prog-Rock Geek By: Eraserhead

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10) You get the be the only person on your block who ever drove ten hours to a shithole like Trenton, New Jersey just to see your favourite band play in the US for the first time in 28 years.

9) All those wonderful hours of debating whether Keith Emerson is better than Rick Wakeman.

8) If by some bizarre twist of nature you somehow manage to see your favourite album on a jukebox somewhere, you can get an entire half-hour of music out of one quarter.

7) You can amuse your friends and neighbours with pithy witticisms like "One cannot achieve the aim without suffering", "mountains come out of the sky and stand there", and "Phil Collins sucks!"

6) Sex is really overrated anyway.

5) You can type your messages to rec.music.progressive in 9/8!

4) The feeling of superiority you get when your mechanic can't tell you what other band Mike played in.

3) Your erections are thick as a brick.

2) You don't have to put up with lots of pesky "friends" bothering you for things.

And the number one reason to be a prog-rock geek.

1) This Is Spinal Tap suddenly has MUCH more meaning.

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