Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pixart Pocket Photobook By Sashi

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Pixart Pocket Photobook

Let me just cut to the chase:

I won this Pixart Pocket Photobook at Minishorts’ blog. To say I was excited would be an understatement. To win a RM50 product for free is always nice. Expecially if the product looks pretty decent too.

Unfortunately, due to my rather extreme phobia of getting my ugly mug photographed, I don’t really have any good pictures to be used as fodder for the Pocketbook.

So I gave it away. (Think of me as a really undernourished Santa Claus.)

The lucky recipient? My colleague, who shall be known herewith as Knit Nut.

She had gone on a family trip with her husband and son to Cameron Highlands, and therefore decided to use the pictures taken there to be used for this Photobook.

According to the terms and conditions of the contest, I - or rather, Knit Nut, - had 30 days to submit the photos online using the free software provided by Pixart or the prize becomes void.

(Of course, she had to wait until the last possible minute to do this, which resulted in a frantic post-lunch frenzy of uploading and designing the layouts in order to beat the deadline. Fortunately, she made it.)

The book was mailed to her via Poslaju after 5 working days.

The results of which, you can view at my sashi-isms site.

A sample photo.

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The Pocket PhotoBook has a more limited range of page designs compared to its bigger (and more expensive) cousin, the CoffeeTable Photo Book. But with a little creativity, and a lot of patient experimenting, you can still come up with a decent, satisfying, finished product.

As much as I’d like to go into the whole technical side of putting together the Photobook and all, I’ll just leave it to the other bloggers who have already done so. (See links below).

I’ll say this much, though - I think this is a pretty good product, and reasonably priced (RM50 isn’t really a lot for saving those cherished memories, and it makes a great gift idea too!), and I have to commend the excellent customer service, specifically Dominic who answered all my silly questions patiently. Thanks, dude!

Indeed, I’m actually seriously considering ordering the CoffeeTable Photobook for my own photo album, or at least giving it as a gift for people.

All I need to do now is to get over my fear of cameras…. erk.

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