Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Star sightings ...or, what I did on my vacation By: Lezah Williamson

As we're about to head off on our Christmas vacation, I started thinking about stars/celebs who I have encountered while away on trips.

Of course, residing here in Vancouver (or Hollywood North, as it is often called), I have plenty of opportunity to see movie and TV stars. The problem is, it never happens. Lots of people come here to film and therefore reside here for the duration; some celebs (like Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell) even reside here on a permanent basis. But I think the only high-wattage star I've ever seen on the streets of Vancouver has been Morgan Freeman. And that, I can assure you, was but a fleeting glimpse - we were driving past a set during filming and I had a nanosecond glance.

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Some of the celebs I've seen while away have ranked pretty low on the totem pole, like the bit actor we saw in Paris one time promoting a 'Police Academy' movie (I can't even recall his name, to be honest). Or the BBC kids show actress who I ran into in a quaint little church in the village of Oundle in England. Other celebs I've met have not been household names, but are still big in my books, like the time we were up at the Griffith Observatory in LA and ran into the Hernandez Brothers of 'Love and Rockets' fame (the graphic novel, not the band) - we had a brief conversation with them, and it was quite pleasant.

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But the big one in my books has to be the time I was in Toronto and stayed in the same hotel (and even shared an elevator one time!) with the members of 'The Who'. I've managed to get a lot of mileage out of that one over the years, believe you me.

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So I'm wondering, since we're heading down to Los Angeles and San Francisco this Christmas vacation - which famous people might we see this time? I'll keep you posted. And hey - who have you seen? I'd love to hear about it...

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