Saturday, November 03, 2007

Finger Eleven - Only Canadian Release, Eh? Christine Albrecht

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Attention all Canadian Fans! Finger Eleven will be releasing their first DVD / CD package Us Vs. Then Vs. Now on December 4th. The 2 disc set contains a DVD with 2.5 hours of video footage spanning the band's career. The DVD includes never-before-seen live performances, and rare concert footage. It also features some yet to be published interviews, as well as Finger Eleven's music videos, and a behind the scenes video journal from the band's 2007 Them Vs. You Vs. Me tour.

The package’s audio CD contains 14 previously unreleased tracks, including original demos of some of the band's biggest hits such as Paralyzer and One Thing in addition to 7 new songs... all taken from the band's personal archives.

Watch Finger Eleven’s newest video I'll Keep Your Memory Vague

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