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Fashion - Five Pieces to Have by L. Brown

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Everyone has their list of fashion must-have items. For some people, it may be jeans and a t-shirt. For others, nothing short of the latest runway fashions will do. But I believe there are a few items which should be in every woman's closet. These articles of clothing will ensure you are well prepared for a variety of occasions, as well as suit a wide range of body types.

Cashmere Sweater: There's a reason cashmere has gained its luxurious reputation. Cashmere has a heavenly feel that just can't be replicated. But the real benefit to cashmere is that its ‘nature’ is highly adaptable. During the spring, it is a great lightweight sweater, and during the fall, it actually keeps you warmer. I suggest a light color, such as an off-white, because it is so classic.

Black Tailored Pants: A pair of black tailored pants is one of the most versatile pieces in any wardrobe. Pairing dress pants with a sweater is perfect for a fall night; pairing them with a jacket is perfect for the office, and pairing pants with a silk shirt is perfect for a date. My suggestion is to keep it simple though. Don't go for a fancy waistline or a complicated cut. Make sure to choose a cut that suits you and remember, the straighter the leg line, the better. Other cuts will go in and out of style, but straight-cut dress pants will be an article that lasts from season to season.

A Great Pair of Jeans: Every woman has a perfect pair of jeans. Despite the other pieces on this list being a little dressier, there's no reason to ignore the impact of denim. They look perfect with a t-shirt, make a suited jacket look more casual, and look great on almost every woman. My suggestion is to check out a brand called, Not Your Daughter's Jeans. These jeans are called the Tummy Tuck Jeans because they slim your waist, but beyond that, they look great and feel comfortable.

Two-Piece Suit: This item is on the list because it has the combined power of a jacket and skirt, thereby giving you more choices throughout the rest of your wardrobe. While you can wear both pieces together, its real power comes from combining the pieces with the rest of your wardrobe. Lose the jacket and you're ready to go from the office to a date. Switch the skirt for black tailored pants, and you have a different look for the office. Throw the jacket over jeans, and you have a cool, casual weekend attire. My suggestion is to keep the suit simple. You don't necessarily have to do black, but sticking to a dark color and a simple cut will give you the greatest variety. Besides, you can always personalize it with the shirt underneath or an interesting scarf.

Wrap Dress: A wrap dress is the hottest, most versatile item since the little black dress. Whether you go for a pattern or a solid color, the style is very flattering to a very wide range of body types. My suggestion is to try a print. Most of the other pieces are so plain that your wardrobe will need a little something to express your personality. The latest fashion trend has women putting a wrap dress over skinny jeans. Try this for a bold new look.

Whatever your fashion favorites, these five pieces will help you bridge the gaps looming in your wardrobe. Every piece allows you several options/looks to choose from when you are seeking something to wear. From casual to dressy, these are the staples which should form the foundation for every woman’s wardrobe.

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