Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well It’s That Time Again By Christine Albrecht

Paypal Donation to Swanktrendz

Paypal Donation to Swanktrendz

To be honest - we’ve only done a fund raising/beg for donations article once in the history of Swanktrendz. However, after reviewing our financial records (or lack thereof) we realized that is hanging by a precarious monetary thread.

What had begun as a rebellious response to Canwest’s (Canada’s media conglomerate) omission of great independent (and local) fine and performing arts, Lezah and I went on to write and post in-depth articles that would only warrant a line in any other magazine or newspaper, or be disregarded completely.

Paypal Donation to Swanktrendz

As a result, Swanktrendz has steadily grown into a weekly ezine whose readers have suggested a litany of potential articles, and who have gone on to submit articles on topics close to their own heart. Swanktrendz is, indeed, an ezine for the readers rather than for the advertisers.

The mention of Advertisers (or lack thereof) is a wonderful sequeway into Swanktrendz’s present dilemma. After four years of paying hosting sites, web programming prices, office and sundry costs, the cost of this wonderful online hobby is adding up. It has become the large elephant in the room that no one wishes to address when meeting as a staff.

So readers, I am asking you to please help keep swanktrendz online for another year. The general cost of keeping swanktrendz afloat for one year is only $1500.00 (of course, assuming that our wonderful contributors are still going to contribute their articles ‘pro bono’ - free.)

So, any and all readers out there in cyberworld, please contribute to the Keep Swank Alive fund by donating $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or more to our Paypal account. I will send you a receipt, however, you will not be able to claim the donation for taxation purposes as we are not a charitable organization. (Then again, maybe you have a creative accountant who knows what heading we may ‘fall under’ in taxation laws?)

To donate any and everything - Heck we’d even be grateful for $0.25! Follow the enclosed link and indicate whether you would like a receipt.

Thanks again to all those readers that have added their thoughts, suggested articles, or just made themselves available to read a few articles. Without our readers (YOU), we’d be another 404 Page Not Found in the internet world.

Thank you in advance for any and all contributions!

Christine, Lezah, et al.

Paypal Donation to Swanktrendz

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