Sunday, January 13, 2008

Danny Echo By: Shane Christensen

Upon the initial few seconds of listening to up and coming Vancouver powerpop/alt-rock band Danny Echo, I was immediately struck by the amazing vocal similarities to a young McCartney, or even Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze fame.

And in many respects that should come as no surprise really, as the band unashamedly lists their musical influences from that great era when the classic Brit bands of the day, from the Beatles to the Stones and everything in between, were ruling the musical world.

And you can hear a lot of these influences on the Danny Echo myspace site that contains the five songs from their current E.P., soon to be followed by a full length c.d.

My personal favourite is the song Things I Never Had, which includes a killer horn section and a groove that takes the listener back to the Brown Sugar/ Sticky Fingers period when Mick and the boys were at the top of their game. Ah, those were the days.

So if your musical tastes are similar to mine, but you want to hear a fresh and energetic NEW band as opposed to the same old stuff you’ve been listening to for…how long now? Am I really that old?

Check out Danny Echo’s myspace site at:

Oh, and Danny? Great pipes man!!!


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