Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Skin Cream That Works! No. 7 Restore and Renew By Lezah Williamson

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It was back in about October that I read a bunch of articles about this new miraculous anti-wrinkle cream that was being sold at Boots Pharmacy in Britain. Now, in case you're not familiar with Boots, its not a high end place - in fact, it's pretty run of the mill. But apparently there had been a big (and, more importantly, independent!) BBC documentary on Boots' No. 7 Restore & Renew Night Cream. It was said that the cream was an anti-wrinkle miracle salve.

This started what amounted to almost a firestorm - Boots in Britain had a hard time keeping the product on the shelves, it was selling out so fast, and when the announcement was made in Canada that Shopper's Drug Mart would soon be importing this new product, they very quickly had long waiting lists for the new product, months before it actually arrived in the country.

I don't have too many wrinkles, fortunately - thank God for good genes! But I decided to try this new cream out.

I put my name on the waiting list and spent more than a month waiting until I got the call.

Within a week, I was startled to notice results. I tend to be very skeptical about things like this, and so when I did notice the results, to say I was floored would have been an understatement. Especially since the results were not necessarily the ones that were touted by the various articles I had read. You see, as I mentioned previously, I'm not all that wrinkly (yet!) so cannot honestly say that the cream changed my skin in any way, wrinkle-wise. Where I did notice a difference, however, was in pore size.

Sadly, although I have been blessed with few wrinkles, the cross I have to bear is large pores. No. 7 Restore & Renew actually reduced the size of the pores significantly - most noticeably on my cheeks, oddly enough. I don't know that I can say the same for the pores on my nose (too much information, perhaps?).

The container I bought was supposed to be one month's worth; in fact, it lasted for more than two months. Perhaps I should have put more product on, but I didn't feel the need. Maybe if I had, I would have noticed even more of a difference.

So, for those skeptics out there: it works.

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arizonagal said...

i heard of boots from a tv program and noted the hysteria of the women to get this cream! i thought it would be very expensive but was surprised when it showed up in the target stores and the cost was more than reasonable! i have been using it for several mos now and love the way it has left my skin! i too was lucky enough to be born with good genes from my mom & i have been so very careful to take good care of this gift from her! i love the boots 7 cream restore and renew!! as that is exactly what it does!!!