Thursday, January 17, 2008

SEX!!! By: Shane Christensen

Article Contains Graphic Sexual Content

AHA!!! Gotcha! You just proved a point that we’ve all known since time began. Nothing grabs peoples’ attention like the topic of SEX does. All you have to do is look around anywhere, and there is no escaping the constant barrage of media images that have some type of sex theme to them. Because it’s no secret that sex sells.

This article is actually my attempt to prove this, because I’m sure that by the end of the month, I’ll have my editor emailing me the site stats and this one will place in the top read articles list, simply because the title grabs peoples’ attention like nothing else. And if it doesn’t, I guess have some ‘splaining to do.

But enough of all that, as the real purpose of this article is to highlight a lady that has dedicated her professional life to the topic of sex and all it encompasses. No, it’s not a madam or lady of the night. I’m referring to , a registered nurse and of some 30 odd years, who has written 3 books on the topic as well as hosting a very popular radio sex show, and also a TV show that is aired here in Canada, and another one in the U.S.

This gal has even been a repeat fixture on Lettermen, and can brag that she’s one of the few people that has no problem at all getting Dave to blush.

And the reason for this is that Sue is a sweet looking older woman who reminds you of your mother or grandmother, depending on your age. And we don’t necessarily like to think of mom or grandma having ANYTHING at all to do with sex. But in Ms. Johansen’s case, she has created a virtual industry over the many years (decades) of providing a service that is obviously very much in demand, and of great interest to so many of us. In fact, Sue has been so successful, she actually received the Order of Canada in 2001, which speaks volumes about her many accomplishments.

And while the thought of a nice ol’ granny speaking graphically about sexual issues might seem comical and humorous, in reality her shows are so informative and insightful that she has garnered a huge loyal audience both here in Canada and now in the U.S. where she has a weekly audience of over 4 million viewers. A lot of this can be attributed to her personality and demeanour which is very laid back, and also because both shows offer the audience the chance to call in and ask questions or make comments. And there is no fear on the callers’ part, because Ms. Johansen is totally non-judgmental of anything and everything. She doesn’t scold viewers or belittle them for asking silly questions, because in regards to sex, there are no silly or wrong questions.

I think Sue Johansen has done an incredible job in bringing important information regarding birth control and sexually related topics to the living rooms of people in a manner that allows the viewer to get the pertinent information they desire, while being entertained at the same time. She is a true pioneer and innovator, and I’m delighted that she has received our country’s highest honour of personal achievement which she so obviously deserves.

If you have not had the pleasure of either listening to or watching one of Sue’s programs, I would definitely suggest you check out the Sunday Night Sex Show on the Women’s Television Network or Sex TV. In the U.S., Talk Sex with Sue Johansen can be viewed on the Oxygen Network. Sue also writes a weekly column that can be found in the health section of the Toronto Star, Canada’s biggest daily newspaper, and as I mentioned earlier she occasionally hangs with Lettermen, and that’s ALWAYS a sight to behold.

If you’d like to find out more information about Sue Johansen and/or her shows, books, or even sex toys, simply google her name and you’ll be amazed at everything this true original has accomplished. Way to go Sue!

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