Saturday, January 12, 2008

Juno movie review by Lezah Williamson

We saw Juno over the Christmas holidays. In fact, Dave liked it so much, he saw it twice.

Juno is one of those films that's many things at once - a comedy, a romance, a drama, a quirky indie-type film - and it does it all well.

I recently read an article in which Juno screenwriter and former stripper Diablo Cody was lambasted for her role in what was being portrayed as a 'new and disturbing trend' in movies promoting teen sex, which in turn, of course, leads to teen pregnancy (which, according to the writer of the article, is on the rise). All I could think, however, was: where have you been, lady? Isn't an all-consuming interest in sex at the very heart of the nature of every teen on the planet - and has been, since time began? I don't really think times have changed; nor have movies, come to think of it.

You see, Juno is more than a Superbad (let's get laid) type of comedy. It's much more thoughtful, much more introspective - despite having a very extroverted young lady as protagonist.

For Juno (played by the lovely Ellen Page) is a person who marches to the sound of her own drum, but does so in a very honourable way. Her individuality is respected by all segments of the population, and those who don't immediately like her are usually soon won over.

And the movie doesn't try to candy-coat life, either. Juno runs into people who don't like her, just because. And she experiences sadness, rejection, emotional upheaval - all the real things people go through in the real world.

Juno, the character, is a great person. Juno, the movie, is well worth seeing. And Juno, the soundtrack, is fantastic, too.

Three out of three - now that's not bad...

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