Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Resistance. Denial. Acceptance By: Sashi

Resistance. Denial. Acceptance.

Place: A coffee shop.

Time: Around lunchtime.

Date: Sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Jay: “…. and so the priest says, ‘Cassock!’ Get it? CASSOCK!” *laughs*

Kay: “HAHAHAHAH! Damn, man, that’s a good one... heheh..”

Jay: “Heheh, yeah… man, it’s good to hear ya laughin’ like that again... feels like it’s been ages...

Kay: “What you babblin’ about, fool? I am always like this….”

Jay: “Oh, come off it... you know ever since that girl dumped you, you’ve been all depressed, and sullen, and moody, and...”

Kay: “Ok, ok, I get it... ok, so I’ve been a little down… and besides, she didn’t dump me. She just didn’t want to take the relationship further.”

Jay: “What relationship? You two never even went out for one date!”

Kay: “Quit bugging me, ok. You know what I mean.”

Jay: “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. You asked her out, she said get lost.”

Kay: “She didn’t say that, and you know it.”

Jay: “It’s all the same thing, dude. She rejected you. Placed you in the Out tray. Left you out in the trash can. Kicked you to the curb.”

Kay: “It’s not like that. She just didn’t feel the same way about me as I do her. That’s all. Life is not all movies, you know, where people just get together all the time.”

Jay: “I don’t know how you can just take this so calmly. I can’t do it. Every time a girl turns you down, it’s more than just a slap in the face. It’s a damning verdict on your own suitability as a man. They’re saying that you’re a weak, ugly, pathetic loser who shouldn’t be allowed to breed, much less be with a woman.”

Kay: “Spoken like someone with experience, eh, Jay? Heh.”

Jay: “Oh shut up. You know it’s true. I cannot believe you still see her most of the time.”

Kay: “What’s wrong with that?”

Jay: “She jilted you. Doesn’t seeing her face needle you every time? Doesn’t it make your blood boil? I’d be pissed off if I had to keep seeing the girl that shot me down…”

Kay: “Dude. That’s just you. It’s not me. Besides…. you forget something.”

Jay: “What?”

Kay: “So she turned me down. But she still remains friends with me. What does that tell you? It means I have some redeeming qualities. Maybe not enough in her eyes to be with her, but still... And furthermore, just because she turned me down, doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly stopped liking her.”

Jay: “You telling me you still have feelings for her? You’re nuts.”

Kay: “I was talking with her the other day. Just idle chit chat, rubbish stuff. I kept trying to ground out a joke or two, a witty line here, a funny remark there... I was trying so hard, and failing most of the time, and I wasn’t sure why. I didn’t think I was trying to impress her… I mean, I figured that ship had sailed… but then I knew it. I knew the reason.”

Jay: “What?”

Kay: “I just wanted her to laugh. I love her laugh. I love her smile. I love that little twinkle in her eyes when she’s happy. I love hearing her voice when she’s animated and speaking while moving her hands about... it’s fantastic. Making her happy makes me happy.”

Jay: “What’re you saying? You’re in love with her or something?”

Kay: “That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

Jay: “But dude… she’s not in love with you.”

Kay: “So? Should love necessarily be a two-way thing? I don’t think so. I am not so greedy as to require compensation for loving someone. Love is as it should be, unconditional.”

Jay: “Well, well, listen to the philosopher. You’ve been having any repetitive head injuries recently? Misplaced your marbles? Lost our mind, have we?”

Kay: “No. Listen. She knows I like her. Maybe she even knows I am in love with her. The fact is, she knows my position. I’ve put my cards on the table. No pretence, no illusion, no sneaking about. Maybe someday she’ll see something else in me, something that might change her mind about me….”

Jay: “Or maybe she won’t! You’re hoping for a happy ending? You just told me life isn’t like in the movies, remember?”

Kay: “So what? What’s the worst that could happen? She meets someone, falls in love with him, marries him, has 10 kids, and lives happily ever after. You know what? Strange as this may sound, I wish that’s exactly what happens. Of course, I also wish that that someone is me, but if it isn’t, it’s all good. You know why? Because she’ll be happy.”

Jay: “Self-sacrificing crap. If something like that happens, you’ll be consumed with jealousy.”

Kay: “Sure, maybe I will. And then after a while, I’ll come to my senses. Hopefully I’ll still meet her once in a while, and the second she laughs, or smiles, or just looks at me with those eyes, all will be forgiven. That’s how I feel. Truly. As hard as it may sound to a cynic like you.”

Jay: “So you’re just gonna stand back and take it on the chin?”

Kay: “I’ll stand anywhere. As long as she still speaks with me. As long as she still looks at me. As long as I’m able to gaze at her beautiful eyes, as long as I can make her laugh… I’ll be happy. I’ll be content.”

Jay: “Dude. I don’t know whether to pummel you into a million pieces, or shake your hand. But here’s hoping you don’t get all messed up over this.”

Kay: “So do I. Thanks for the concern. Now knock it off, you’re startin’ to sound gay...”

Jay: “What? You’re the one talking about relationships! You’re the gayer one!”

Kay: “Hahah! Dude... c’mon, I think the proprietor is getting tense... we’ve been sitting here for hours and all we’ve had is teh-tarik!”

Jay: “Heh, yeah, let’s get outta here... I gotta get my car to the workshop anyhow. What are you gonna do?”

Kay: “I’m gonna call her and tell her the priest joke... heheh.”

Jay: “Sigh... well, dude, if you’re gonna remain stubborn about her… well, at least you better get the joke right first. So, a priest walks into a bar…..”

N.B. This is a work of fiction. Yes. It. Is.

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