Thursday, August 03, 2006

Eagles of Death Metal's "Death by Sexy"

I have one of my top ten cds for 2006 already in my grubby little hands. For the past month I have been listening nonstop to Eagles of Death Metal's "Death by Sexy". Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme have delivered a winner.

Upon first listen, I thought they sounded like a '70s garage band. Upon second listening, the first song, 'I want you so hard' reminded me of an ELO build up with a 'Yakkity Yak' (Don't talk back) voice saying 'The boy's bad news'. The song had me dancing around in my seat during rush hour, with many wondering what the hell my problem was. Song 4 'I like to move' was reminiscent of '70s Stones. Song 5 is my favourite - Entitled 'Solid Gold', it is fun, campy and truly makes you 'sweat'. Track 10 was when I went - OHMYGAWD! Lux (Eric) Interior is alive and well and I still love him. 'Chase the Devil' is brilliant.

Then I decided to open the liner to find out if what I thought was there, was. The names mentioned were unbelievable and yes Lux Interior and Poison Ivy are there (along with Jack Black, Dave Grohl, ...)

Josh Homme amazes me - I thought he wouldn't be able to top the 'The Art of Keeping a Secret' and the 'Feel Good Hit of Summer', but then he comes out with this!! Oh Baby Duck (Josh) what are you going to do when both Eagles of Metal Death and Queens of the Stone Age are both big, at the same time?

Get ready Baby Duck - your time is now.

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