Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Glim Project - Interview with Marco Bieri, Lucanus Randall, and Geoff Archibald

Contributed by Christine Albrecht

After a few hit and misses, The Glim Project and I managed to get together for a followup interview after their July 14th review. (See link.)

This was not a formal, taped verbatim interview, but more a casual discussion of the band's progression.

The Glim Project is made up of four members: Geoff Archibald (guitar), Marco Bieri (drums), Lucanus Randall (vocals, guitar), and Ian (E) (bass). They formed TGP one and a half years ago, and found that indie acts aren't able to knock on doors with a demo tape for a gig. After utilizing various promoters, things began to improve and they have over 40 gigs under their belts. They are lined up as second headliners (of 11 bands) for the Revelstoke Festival on August 26th, at the Backstage Lounge on August 18th, The Media Club on September 2nd, and in Salmon Arm on October 7th - so TGP fans be forewarned. As well, they will be performing in Vancouver, during the Fall, at the various clubs about town so be sure to check their website for upcoming shows.

Speaking of clubs about town, I immediately went into my rant regarding the Georgia Straight and its diversion from showcasing local acts (as in the distant past) to ignoring anything local and focusing on the usual C-Fox shlock. Our Canadian apathy towards our indie acts is appalling and needs to be addressed, Usually the Straight comes to the rescue, but not of late. It's been a long time since I've noticed anyone from the Straight attending local gigs. Hopefully, Canwest hasn't taken The Straight over as well.

Luc writes the lyrics and most of the music with the others tightening up the final product. Of course I had to ask my staple question, "Are good lyrics born out of trauma or tragedy?" and Luc's answer was an immediate yes. I also asked Geoff, Luc, and Marco what they were listening to between the ages of 10 and 15. Their answers were surprising in that they varied so much. Answers were all over the map from The Beatles, Faith No More, Guns N' Roses, Snoop Dog, Nirvana, Korn to Tool. So how does a group with such diverse tastes gel together? It became apparent when I delved into some of their background and training.

This is no fly-by-your-seat band. Their musical experiences are vast and worthy of mention. Luc has had 15 years of piano/guitar; Ian has had bass lessons and has played with other bands; Marco has had formal drum lessons, played with a jazz band for 3 years, and Geoff has had formal piano/violin lessons and played for 6 years with the Halifax Senior Symphony Orchestra (HSSO). (And I forgot to ask him if he can play my all time favourite Saint-Saens, 'Danse Macabre'.) They came together and formed The Glim Project with the intent to play music that they wanted. As Ian once said, they would prefer (if forced to choose) a genre of Progressive Rock, which I didn't understand at the time. Now I do, given their backgrounds and the importance of accessibility. Also, progressive rock immediately says that the band knows more than three chords.

When I asked the (God forbid) question: "Would you ever consider doing a cover tune?", Geoff was adamantly insisting no, with Luc nodding. Reason being, Geoff didn't want the band being recognized for doing someone else's song well. He'd rather TGP be known for their own tunes. Fair enough, but I still believe everyone has a price, no matter what their standards are. (I am always wishing for XTC's "Dear God" to be performed in a truly angry, snarling way. Ah well.)

This band can actually maintain their standards as they are all educated and responsible enough to not rely on music as their sole income. They all have good jobs and consider TGP to be side passion. However, a lack of post-secondary education and work experience could make a band hungrier for recognition and more willing to make sacrifices. Time will tell what the future holds for The Glim Project.

As usual, I ask the band to give a nod to others they feel are deserving of recognition and the response was Incura, Rederick Sultan, and Vancouver Band Alliance.

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The Glim Project

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