Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How to Get Rich - Dump the Fear

By Sashi

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If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened [The Times Online]

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Felix Dennis, publishing tycoon, has written a guide to becoming a multi-millionaire. All you need is thick skin, cunning - and a work ethic.

Interesting article, with enough blunt talk and liberal dashes of good old British humour.

Check out this shortlist:

• If you are unwilling to fail, sometimes publicly, and even catastrophically, you stand little chance of ever getting rich.

• If you care what the neighbours think, you will never get rich.

• If you cannot bear the thought of causing worry to your family, spouse or lover while you plough a lonely, dangerous road rather than taking the safe option of a regular job, you will never get rich.

• If you have artistic inclinations and fear that the search for wealth will coarsen such talents, you will never get rich. (Because your fear, in this instance, is well justified.)

• If you are not prepared to work longer hours than almost anyone you know, despite the jibes of colleagues and friends, you are unlikely to get rich.

• If you cannot convince yourself that you are “good enough” to be rich, you will never get rich.

• If you cannot treat your quest to get rich as a game, you will never be rich.

• If you cannot face up to your fear of failure, you will never be rich.

I always like a good read on a Monday… something to keep me going for the rest of the day.

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