Friday, September 14, 2007

Can’t we all just get along? By Shane Christensen

Over the last week I’ve read a few news items that caused me great concern.

No, it’s not global warming or the whole Iraq mess.

I’m talking about this whole Fifty Cent/Kanye West feud that has spilled over into the media and is getting nastier by the minute. It intensified with the simultaneous release of their new albums on Tuesday.

Things are so bad, Fiddy issued a communiqué stating he would walk away from the industry if he was outsold by Kanye. Gotta go…I’m off to my nearest record store to buy everything Kanye’s ever done.

And how ‘bout Kid Rock bitch slapping Tommy Lee at the MTV Awards in Vegas?

Come on guys, it’s bad enough getting publicly dumped by the same B.C. bimbo (my apologies to western readership who worship her as a goddess), but now this!!!

Can’t we all just get along?

In unrelated news, the Russian military resumed long range bomber patrols along border regions and announced the successful testing of the most powerful non-nuclear explosive in history, while Vladmir Putin effectively dissolved the Russian Government.

See, even they’re rattled over this whole Fiddy/Kanye thing!

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