Saturday, September 15, 2007

In Defense of Britney Spears An Opinion by Shane Christensen

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I’ll never understand the media’s mob mentality; when someone is down, the boots are a flyin’. What primitive instinct do we possess that gives us such satisfaction and comfort from observing the misery of others, especially celebrities?

Now, I’m not a Britney Spears fan by any means. I have heard her muzak (thanks to my daughter who, as a young teen, was quite fond of her) and would file her in the same category as any candy pop available for mass consumption. Much like the Monkees, but without the charisma.The staying power of these acts is generally short ‘n’ sweet. Once they’ve cranked out a couple of hits, and a straight-to-video movie, they are yesterday’s news (until they show up as a postscript on E True Hollywood Story).

Unless, of course, you’re Britney Spears. It hasn’t been an easy ride for Ms. Spears who’s endured one disaster after another. She broke up with boy-band stud Timberlake; made the obligatory bad movie; married K-Fed and morphed into a questionable mom, and impulsively shaved off her infamous golden locks. But hey, the girl is only human. We all make mistakes!

Last Sunday in Las Vegas, Britney boldly and bravely tried to launch her musical comeback to the delight of the dagger-holding critics. These pop culture pundits were spewing some truly cruel and crass ‘critiques’, ridiculing everything from her performance, to her outfit (or lack thereof), to her physical condition.

Like... wait a minute! What was everyone expecting, a reunited Led Zeppelin? (Which, incidentally, is going to happen, and man do I feel sorry for those guys ‘cause they’re way older than Britney. Psst, Robert Plant… don’t show any midriff.) But, I digress. It’s not like the public didn’t know what to expect from Spears and her limited musical repertoire.

And, not to sound like a middle-aged perv, Ms. Spears does have it ‘going on’. Some hacks were complaining about bulges here and there, but give me a break, she looks damn good for having had two kids. Hell, she looks better than most twenty-somethings who haven’t had any kids.

Sometimes I wish we could have a kinder, more gentler, media. A media who caters to the joe-publics who don’t always want to kick ‘em when they’re down. (Especially when it involves an aging, single-parent, pop princess trying to get it together.)

And Britney? Remember to hold your head high, girl, ‘cause that pendulum swings both ways.

Just ask Mariah Carey...

Coming up next. In defense of George W. Bush. No... really! I’m not kidding. Stay tuned.

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