Sunday, September 23, 2007

Music is my religion By: Shane Christensen

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Music is my religion! It burrows the depths of my soul and provides comfort and euphoria - similar to that of a holy trance. And sometimes (if I’m lucky) I’ll happen across a song that hits a part of me and causes a physical reaction. Things like goose bumps all over my skin, and hairs standing up all over my arms and neck.

Now and again, that great song will be matched with an equally impressive video that triggers the same reaction, until you are totally transfixed and amazed by the talent that went into the making of such a musical masterpiece.

The video and song that has recently been affecting me is from a very successful band that for some strange reason, gets little or no respect from critics and certain music fans. For a while there, some of these same critics thought it relevant to question the frontman's appearance, which I thought was so bloody ridiculous and shallow; it proved that media scribes will lower themselves to any level in order to secure a headline or mention.

The song Photograph by Nickelback and its accompanying video ARE a combined masterpiece because any time you have the perfect marriage between a great song and an equally great video, it is magic. Throw in the song's ability to make one reflect about his/her own life… that is a rarity in music and often followed by the names 'Lennon' or 'Dylan'.

The first time I saw the video was after purchasing Nickelback's All The Right Reasons special edition CD (also including an amazing DVD with 4 videos and a behind-the-scenes look at Nickelback on tour). I think the total price for both was $14 from my local record store. Apparently, the band isn't in it for just the money.

I find I’m always watching the video for Photograph and often watching it repeatedly. The video reaches me and touches a part of my soul because I can identify with its theme. At this stage in my life quiet introspection can be both comforting and disturbing. In my life I have experienced many joys, and some tragedies. I have felt so much love, but also much loss. All in all I hold hope for the future - that tomorrow will be a better, brighter day like the one that exists in my memory. Back to a time when life was simpler and easier. Just like in the Photograph video.

So I say bullshit to any music ‘expert’, or occasional listener, who feels it necessary to belittle the contribution that Nickelback has made (and continues to make) to the Canadian and International music scene.

And by the way Chad, the wife thinks you’re REALLY hot!

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