Monday, March 26, 2007

My Luminaries are Ready to Release

Dust off your wallets

Christine Albrecht

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Dust out your wallets - My Luminaries' CD release is in 21 days. The full length cd is set for an April 16th release. This cd will be the buzz of 2007!

Wondering what My Luminaries sound like? Here are some comparisons:

Twin Peaks with guitars...

In places it's like The Arcade Fire if they’d been inspired by a series of weddings rather than funerals. Elsewhere, Pavement on amphetamines...

The Knack being produced by Brian Eno...

The anthemic moroseness of Radiohead, blended with The Libertines' ragged urchin spirit and a dash of Arcade Fire quirkiness. The results are powerful and uplifting, but also, crucially, original and a little different to anything else out there at the moment...

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