Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Online Html Tutorials

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Tblogger’s Inkspector, provides ‘How-to’ tutorials on virtually everything bloggers may need to create an inviting site.

Inkspector’s Site

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As I was browsing through tblog’s sites, I came across a blogger who provides articles which will assist writers whom are just beginning to experiment with HTML options.

Inkspector provides how-to tutorials on important html features. Most online writers, especially the novice ones, will appreciate the simple and direct instructions provided.

As well, her sidebar links are an invaluable resource for those needing knowledge or guidance in creating and/or improving their blog sites. For example, in Inkspector's sidebar, you will find titles such as:

• Blogging Basics 101

• Template Tweaking 1

• Creating an Index

• Posting an Entry

• Embedding a Link

• Avatar Resources

• Free Online Photo Albums

• Slide Widget 1 (resources)

• Rainbow Text Generator

along with many other options.

Inkspector's site is definitely worth a visit.

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