Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Concert Review: The Furios (Cadaver Dogs, et el) Feb 16, 2007

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By: Ashley Harder

The Anza Club

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I arrived at the Anza CLub too early - My mistake as it was to be a long night. After spending an hour with relatives, I headed back to the club to view a four band lineup. Anyone who has been to the Anza Club (8th and Ontario) knows that it is a very small venue with not the best acoustic offering. I was willing to give a little with regards to sound, but the first two acts (I Braineater and the Heart breakers, and Tony Baloney and the Rubes) were awful. Sorry gang, but bad sound or not, the sets were indecipherable.

My interest picked up with the Cadaver Dogs. They were definitely better, and the singer was a stand out based on voice alone, but they were not showcased well at this club. This is a band I would considering seeing a second time, albeit at a larger venue.

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By 1:00 a.m. I was impatient, tired and annoyed with some of the crowd. The audience had been fairly listless up to this point save for a few diehard fans of the earlier acts. I was not in a generous mood for The Furios, which makes this review all the more interesting. When The Furios hit the stage, crowd apathy dissipated and you could feel the energy of the room pick up. With trumpet, saxophone and three guitars, the set was tight, fast and lengthy. Thirteen songs, a few encore tunes and no breaks. They finished at around 2:30. Quite an impressive set.

Overall, I find ska/punk/reggae bands to sound the same; songs seem to blend into one another - none standing out. So here is a ‘first’ for me. I liked three songs, and remembered the song titles:

Together as One


Walking On

I also enjoyed Ghost Town - to which Christine asked, is that the Specials’ song? Hey - that’s way before my time, so I have no idea. I just know I really enjoyed the tune. As well, given my general dislike for ska/punk, the fact that any song stood out is impressive.

Safe to say, The Furios blew everyone out of the water and are definitely an act to follow. I would suggest that lovers of ska/punk take in one of their gigs, and after visiting their site (see links) I gather they are a ‘live’ act to follow, so I am sure they have had similar accolades.

Well done Furios - we thought your late start may have doomed the set, but that was not to be.

BTW - Happy birthday Stefan (new guitarist).



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