Monday, February 23, 2009

Beautiful British Columbia By: Lannon McGregor

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Beautiful B.C.

It's the rainy days

that are swept away,

when the sun cracks through the clouds.

It’s the haunting way

in which the beauty's saved,

from the city’s smoggy crowds.

It’s the way the world

hides precious pearls

on the shores of the roaring sea.

It’s yours, it's mine,

in rain or shine...

It’s beautiful B.C.

A piece of advice...

Next time you’re stuck in a rut of self loathing; when you feel like nothing can possibly get better because things could never be worse than they presently are. Whenever you think others, in far off tropical lands, have it so much better than you...

Take a look out your window and breathe it in; cuz you live in British Columbia - the greatest fuckin’ place in the entire world.


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