Saturday, May 17, 2008

Documentary Perspectives in Contemporary Art By Lezah Williamson

This film and video installation is curated by Tine Fischer and Bettina Steinbruegge for Hot Docs, Toronto.

May 19 (8:45): Performing Art History - Drama Queens, about a Muenster theatre that is the setting for a performance for Superstars of Sculpture; Concrete Abstraction, Falke Pisano on the essence of her models through the use of language and text constructions; and Artist's Song, with Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen singing about works of art that have influenced the concept of art.

May 21 (7:30): When Art Looks at Cinema - Rodakis, a portrait of a person in the form of an architectural documentary; Der Spiegel, about narrative devices and editing tricks of mainstream cinema; Great Message, about four Flemish couples caught in a time loop; and The New Terrorism,a manipulation of a 1970s anti-terrorism high school video.

Rodakis image from andreasangelidakis.blogspot

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