Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Luminaries’ Charitable Release ... Let The People Decide

Let The People Decide is a 7 track live album charting Reading band My Luminaries last year of touring across the UK and Europe. It is a download only release, which can be purchased via a donation of the buyers discretion. 50% of proceeds go straight back into the Reading branch of Billy Bragg's Jail Guitar Doors campaign, following on from this year's festival at the Fez Club, which raised £2000 to buy musical instruments for inmates at HMP Reading Young Offender's Institute.

My Luminaries Myspace

Funds raised from this album are essential to putting the campaign's previous results into action through in-prison tuition, workshops, prisoner led concerts and much more. For information on its proven benefits towards increasing self esteem and decreasing re-offending please see the JGD Reading myspace site or Billy Bragg's nationwide Jail Guitar Doors site (link below).

Billy Bragg’s Jail Guitar Doors


1. A Little Declaration

2. Welcome

3. An Order From The Chaos

4. The Outsider Steps Inside

5. Waiting On A Revelation

6. Petrol Station Union Jacks

7. My Idiot Fix


LTPD can be purchased November 30, 2007 onwards, from both the My Luminaries myspace site and the JGDR myspace site and using the paypal donation link below.

After donating, paypal will redirect to the download site, where the album can be downloaded as a .ZIP file.

My Luminaries Paypal Link

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