Monday, July 31, 2006

The ‘Passion’ of Music By Christine Albrecht

A girlfriend and I were discussing the ol’ days of music and passion. I’m not talking sex here - I am talking pure passion. The kind where you are up against a wall and kissing a fellow as though you will never live to do that again. The groping, the lust, the everything... but sex. We decided that going without sex was okay (a tad frustrating) but the passion was undeniably fantastic.

Onto the connection with music. 1982 - The Ghost in You by Richard Butler. 1984 - The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen. 1986 - 1989 Don Henley - The End of Innocence, Stranglers - There’s always the Sun, Bruce Cochran - The Untouchable One, - Blue Rodeo -Try, INXS - I Need you Tonight. Crowded House - You’d Better Be Home Soon. 1990 - Everyone’s a Winner by Bootsauce. 1990’s - Anything by Concrete Blonde, Offspring. 2000’s - Queens of the Stone Age, Killers, Arctic Monkeys etc. I am missing a ton of songs but I have too many friends to record them all so I think I have some main ones.

What is it about being in a club, hearing a live (or recorded) rockin’ song, and then suddenly needing to connect with the opposite sex? Where’s that brick wall, and let’s get to it! As Luke Doucet sings, “It’s not the liquor I miss, it’s just the days are so long,”. I hear you Luke, it’s not the liquor I miss, and yes my days are long, but every so often my friends and I can reminisce back to brick walls, cement floors, beaches, occasional golf courses, football fields - (hey, my friends are interesting!) Luke, it annoys me that I can never go back to that passionate lust after a great song. Such is age... such is marriage... such are children... such is life. But hell, been there, done that, and lived to not regret a single moment.

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