Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cromulent Pete's Holiday Pop-Culture Poll: Laurence Simon

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Since ASV has gone tits-up, I guess you need to get your daily dose of pop-culture polling from Cromulent Pete.

Today's poll is "The Bestest Classic Christmas TV Special of All Time."

If you're wondering why I'm writing so much these days in the evenings and Nardo's spending time in my lap, my wife is watching each and every one of these Holiday Season abominations at least three times. Plus, she's checking out all the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channel holiday movies.

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She watched Forest Gump last night.

Worst. Move. Ever.

I love the book. The sequel book is great, too.

Movie sucks.

If it wasn't so damned cold out, I'd go for a walk and get some exercise. Or I should head to the workout room and spend an hour and a half on the treadmill.

Instead, I've been taking notes of each movie and finding the awful commonalities between them are.

Oh. God. That Dolly Parton movie is on tonight, isn't it?

Do they make Drano in cherry flavor? Make mine a double.

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