Saturday, April 30, 2005

Interior Design - Mad about Modular, by Christine

Interior Design - Mad about Modular

Whether you’re an ‘Up N Comer’ or a ‘DINK’ (double income, no kids) or simply a new family purchasing your first apartment/home; modular design (furniture, art, interior settings) is for you.

With major cities’ downtown cores being revitalized, living space is at an all time premium. Lofts, warehouses, high-rise apartments and condominiums are being snapped up by eager buyers, and herein lies the problem. How to create a sense of personal space, within limited square footage, without clutter or confusion?

The modular approach covers potential problem areas and is the solution for linear, clean, high-end interior design. Modular thinking involves:

- modular sliding/folding walls - to create privacy or to open a room

- modular and mobile LED video screens and entertainment units

- modular furniture for both the office, dining area, as well as seating areas ie: Todd Oldham’s new line of sofas

- modular art - a thematic approach that can be the focus of an entire wall or be divided up into various sections, creating a unified, continuous space

No doubt about it - modular is the new ‘mod’ interior design catch phrase.


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