Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hiving, by Lezah


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In the '90s the trend was cocooning, which was all about staying in, beautifying one's home through interior decorating, gardening and the like, and just generally being safe and secure in a familiar environment while avoiding that big scary place we call 'the world'.

Recently, however, people are starting to do (as tends to be the case with trends) a complete 180 and now it's all about hiving:  buzzing off to do your thing, spending as little time at home as possible because that great, glorious world out there is beckoning, and only returning home for absolute necessities (like sleeping, or changing outfits).

 Extreme sports have been on the rise for a while now, and the trend in general is to be out and to be active.  The tourism industry is cashing in big-time on this now, recognizing that the staid old bus tours of Europe as just so last week; instead, business lies in eco-tours, sports tours  - you name it, if it's activity based, it'll sell.

So, Martha's out, (both literally and figuratively speaking), and the outdoors are in!


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