Sunday, April 01, 2007

Scentsational April Birthday Recommendation By: Lisa Brown

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image from urbanbotanic.

If you know someone celebrating an April birthday, here's a fantastic gift to give them. I've been in contact with a person who runs remarkable site, and she's putting together a great deal for my readers. And my, does this ever sound like the perfect gift to highlight that fabulous friend‘s and/or loved one’s unique personality and charisma. Truly, a one of a kind gift that will be cherished forever.

You know how it seems like every celebrity has their own signature scent? Sarah Jessica Parker, Britney Spears, J.Lo; they've all got one. Now you have the opportunity to create your own scent, too. UrbanBotanic creates custom scented bath sets.

How it works is... you take a Scent Personality Test. I took one, and mine was pretty accurate. Despite all the kinds of scented oils I love, all seemed to fall in line with my end result - my own ‘Intricate girl’ fragrance.

Then UrbanBotanic mixes unscented bath products with your ‘perfect concoction’ of scented oils to create your personally scented bath and body products. In other words, NOBODY in the world is likely to have the same fragrance as you do!

Better yet, if you enter UrbanBotanic’s site through Intricate Girl’s blog and hook up with UrbanBotanic’s spokesperson, Shawna, you might be able to get a further discount of 15% (more explained below!)

I know, you're probably wondering how you could arrange a gift as intimate as a personal scent? But when I spoke with Shawna, she said that anyone clicking through the Intricate Girl site can take their own tests!Just contact Shawna when you enter UrbanBotanic's site and let her know that you entered through the Intricate Girl link and you are trying to create the perfect gift, for a perfect friend.

In addition to the normal MyScents collection, Shawna is putting together special packages of lotion, shower gel, and parfum spray for all who take advantage of this offer. And, as was noted before, it definitely appears that Shawna plans upon giving a 15% discount to those who enter using Intricate Girl’s site link. How generous of Shawna, and how exciting for us to create an ‘identity fragrance’ by exploring and blending aromatic oils!

Remember, the products are custom made; the prices are excellent, and there's a 15% discount on top of it. Thanks to Intricate Girl for sharing this find and leading us cyberspace world ‘could-smell-a-lot-better readers’ to an excellent gift idea.

Now get going and order for that loved one! Intricate Girl has told us it was great - let’s go and find out just how great.

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