Friday, April 27, 2007

The Cliks - Snakehouse Christine Albrecht’s CD Review

Just as the now defunct television series, Queer as Folk used to introduce us to original, cutting-edge, alternative music, The L Word appears to be providing the same. As with movies, the soundtracks to television series are becoming equally as important as the series’ plotlines. I was introduced to The Cliks after reading the media buzz fuelled by the song, Complicated. Thanks to The L Word, The Cliks’ CD, Snakehouse, has been added to my daily listening regimen.

Lead singer Lucas Silerira has been compared to a young Chrissie Hynde mixed with Leisha Hailey, but I don’t hear it. When I listen to Lucas I hear... and I am not being sarcastic nor critical when I say this... I hear Wayne Newton. I have played this CD countless times, only to arrive at the same conclusion each time; Lucas channels a gritty, hard rocking Newton and I love it. I heard strains of Newton from the first song, Complicated through to the last track, Back in Style (These two are also amongst my favourite tracks with Oh Yeah rounding out the top three).

Lyrically, the opening lines of ‘Complicated’ are like a bucket of ice water being thrown in one’s face - It’s definitely an attention grabber. The Cliks also perform a cover of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’ . With its beat slowed down considerably, the vocals come across as soothing, melodic and heartfelt, but the track remains my least favourite song on the CD.

The themes of alienation, betrayal, and confusion run throughout Snakehouse. Similar in its raw emotions as Alanis Morissette’s debut, Jagged Little Pill, The Cliks are sure to attract a huge following with this well produced (thanks to Moe Berg of The Pursuit of Happiness) offering. Snakehouse is definitely the perfect soundtrack for many listeners’ angst filled lives.


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