Friday, January 12, 2007

Lezah’s Best of for 2006

Best Concert: it's gotta be Sufjan Stevens. And I'm sure the adoring crowd who saw the show with me would agree... Sufjan is the man.

Best Party: hmm. There wasn't really a lot of competition in this category this year, sadly, but the honour goes to (drum roll, please...) Ian and Pia's wedding. Yup, a 1940s film noir theme, fantastic food, a great setting and more famous/semi famous actors, actresses and writers than you could shake a stick at.

Best Read: Just before Christmas, I finished Anthony Burgess's great book A Clockwork Orange. The movie I had seen before, but the book I had somehow overlooked. And what a fantastic story. The whole question of personal choice and morality was really something to ponder; the nadsat language was fascinating; and the whole message of forgiveness at the end was wondrous, especially in light of Burgess's personal connection and inspiration for the story.

Best Eats: This year I have travelled all over, and consequently eaten in restaurants, from as far north as Terrace, British Columbia, to as far south as Anaheim, California. I have eaten a meal prepared by Iron Chef Rob Feenie; I have eaten at McDonald's. And yet, for best meal of the year, I have to fall back on my perennial favourite, La Masia (Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC), a very intimate Spanish/continental restaurant. It's not cheap - a meal for two (sans alcohol) usually runs in the $120-140 range - but the food is fantastic, the service impeccable, and the atmosphere charming. I, once again, give it two big thumbs up, and am looking forward to my next visit.

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