Friday, November 24, 2006

Lemony Snicket... doesn't really appear - or does he?

Contributed by Lezah Williamson on November 22, 2006

The other night we went out to see a talk with the famous author Lemony Snicket, only to be TERRIBLY disappointed when AT THE LAST MINUTE he didn't show up, leaving this chap called Daniel Handler holding the bag. Mr. Handler was EXTREMELY apologetic about the situation and did his best to CONSOLE the audience, but it was NO GOOD. In short order Mr. Handler fled the building in tears...

All kidding aside, we did go to see the famous author, in whichever persona he was that night. I had heard Daniel Handler speaking as himself on the CBC a few months ago, and I found myself laughing so hard I was crying - not really the best state to be in when one is driving, I soon found out. However, on the night in question (Nov. 14), Kids Books in Vancouver had arranged for Lemony Snicket to appear at a local high school (Mr. Handler kept insisting it was a synagogue) in his only Canadian appearance of this tour. The show was sold out quickly and when we arrived an hour before the show, the rush line-up was already longer than the line-up for ticket holders. Clearly this was a must see event.

Time proved us right. After a short (15 minute) delay due to Snicket/Handler being stuck in traffic, the show started with Mr. Handler apologizing for Mr. Snicket not showing up. He was accompanied by a musician, who fled the stage part-way through the show. Handler had a few audience members up on the stage to help him out with some songs, and he circulated freely in and through the audience, liberally coating one and all with put-downs and sarcastic comments that kept those not targeted in stitches.

Although it only lasted 45 minutes, it was well worth the $18 we paid to get through the door. I rate this one a 9.5/10

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