Friday, November 24, 2006

Buy Nothing Day - November 24/2006

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Never mind Valentine's, Groundhog or St.Patrick's Day. Since 1992, Kalle Lasn 's brainchild Adbusters have been promoting an annual celebration known by many as Buy Nothing Day. Fourteen years later Buy Nothing Day is celebrated in 65 different countries. In America, BND occurs on Black Friday (by design), November 24th, when millions of shoppers indulging in their glutenous pre-holiday shopping traditions that eventually spin-out-of-control the closer we get to Christmas Day.

Kalle Lasn on CNN in 2004:

"I think that a lot of people just need to wake up to the ecological, psychological and political consequences of this opulent kind of hyperactive lifestyle that we have built up here. You know, right after the Second World War we only consumed very frugally. And we have increased our consumption by 300 percent. The average consumer today consumes three times more than the average consumer did right after the Second World War 50 years ago."

By the way, you can read the transcript or watch the video . Carol Costello was hosting the interview and in my opinion, she's a flake. She took her orders from above to debunk Lasn and his celebration, but failed miserably as Lasn stuck to his guns. Rock on. Keep your eyes peeled on the six o'clock news for BND is making a bigger impact each year it occurs. Here's hoping your Buy Nothing Day will be the best yet!

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