Saturday, September 30, 2006

Everybody's Working for the Weekend: By Mike Gillis

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[Ringing telephone...]

Magnus: Hello?

Rexor: Dude, what's up?

Magnus: Hey man, not too much. Just trying to get out of here.

Rexor: Slow night?

Magnus: Brutal.

Rexor: Shitty. Listen man, are you still coming tonight?

Magnus: To Zordok's party? Shit yes, once I'm done here.

Rexor: Do you know how to get there?

Magnus: No... I thought I'd grab a lift with you.

Rexor: Can't do it, my chariot's fucked. Sherry's going to let me borrow her steed and there's only enough room for the two of us. But I can give you directions.

Magnus: Fuck... ok... hold on...[rustling of scrolls] okay shoot.

Rexor: All right, you know where Hawkblood Mountain is?

Magnus: Yeah.

Rexor: It's on the other side.

Magnus: In relation to what?

Rexor: In relation to where you are right now.

Magnus: O.k..... so he's on the same side as the Manticore's cavern?

Rexor: Yeah exactly, but you have to go around the mountain, you can't take the Tunnel of Thieves?

Magnus: Why not? It's like a million times quicker.

Rexor: I know, but the Sorcerers have been busting a lot of those Orcish punks for drinking mead up there and torching some Tree People. It'll be a fucking hassle.

Magnus: ok. so I go the long way... then what?

Rexor: Uou know where the Emerald Claw Tavern is?

Magnus: Yeah, I think so... on the old Berserker's Warpath? Where they're building that new Starbuck's?

Rexor: Exactly... go left when you get to that intersection and keep going till you reach the Well of Confusion.

Magnus: Well... of... Confusion... ok, that's perfect because I need smokes anyway.

Rexor: Don't get 'em there, get them from the Swamp Mage. She's like a block away from Zordok's and they're way cheaper.

Magnus: All right... so where after that?

Rexor: After the Well take another left, go two or three blocks and take a right at the nearest Soul-Chasm. He's right on that street, near the Tree of Eternally Rotting Flesh. If you see the Edge of Time you've gone too far.

Magnus: Got it. When are you heading over?

Rexor: Sherry and I are leaving in, like, twenty minutes.

Magnus: Are you bringing your cell?

Rexor: No, it's dead. You'll be all right, it's easy to find. the boys'll probably be jamming anyway so you'll definitely hear us.

Magnus: Cool man. I'm just gonna finish closing up here then I'll grab some Elixir and head out.

Rexor: Don't bother with the Elixir, Zordok picked up like four kegs.

Magnus: Four?! How big is this party?

Rexor: It's gonna be pretty nuts man, so don't worry about booze. Just make sure you bring some gold.

Magnus: Will do. Do you uh... do you think Janelle's gonna be there?

Rexor: Sherry was just talking to her, I think she's there already. Why? Are you gonna tap that?

Magnus: I’m gonna try... she just broke up with Dekram.

Rexor: I heard. I hope he doesn't show up, I fucking hate that guy.

Magnus: Douche bag. Thinks he's so fucking mighty. Do you think I should bring my sword?

Rexor: I'm bringing mine, do it.

Magnus: Awesome. So I guess I'll be there in like an hour and something? Rexor: Sounds good man. See you in a bit.

Magnus: cool. Tell Sherry to put in a good word for me.

Rexor: Will do. later.

Magnus: Later.


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