Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I hate Windows XP By: Andrew Hoshkiew

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I think it's the most awful operating system ever created.
I find it incredibly annoying. It seems like in every way possible it's designed in the most backwards, vile ways. But, as it is what is used at my second job, I must put up with it.

Mostly it's the popups that get to me. It seems like whenever the cursor hovers over anything, there's an annoying yellow box with text that pops up with helpful hints about things which are already blatantly obvious. Often, it covers up whatever it is I'm looking at, making it more of an annoyance than a help.
They're everywhere, associated with everything, and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to turn them off.
When I print something, a box pops up in the task bar telling me I've printed something. Why the fuck do I need that?
And then there's those stupid, shit-kicker animations, the paperclip and the puppy dog, which appear from time to time. Every time I see them I desperately fight the urge to throw the computer out the window.
When I stick a disc in, a box pops up with a list of options, asking me what what I want to do. Why do I need that? I know what I want - I want to open Windows explorer and copy files over. There's a little check mark box which says something like, "don't show this screen again," and I always click it, but the next time I stick a disc in there's that box again.
It's like it's mocking me.
Is there any way I can fix Windows so that it doesn't do all this? If not, I may have to quit the second job soon.

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