Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#9 Slipknot My Favourite Albums to Date By: Ian Albrecht

Artist: Slipknot
Album:  Iowa
Genre: Death Metal

Lyrics: 80/100, Vocals 93/100, instrumental 96/100

This happens to be the heaviest album on my list/ It’s not the heaviest album I have ever heard. However, my CDs don’t get a whole lot heavier than this one. At least not the albums I like.

Everything about this album is heavy. The lyrics are dark and disturbing. The instrumentals are distorted and violent-sounding. To top it off, Corey Taylor’s vocals full-out reside in my nightmares. This album was clearly made when they were all at angry/hateful points in their lives. This album embraces everything they’re feeling, including their hometown, Iowa.

The starting track, like their debut, is called “515” and it is creepy, eerie…  a soundtrack that immediately puts you on edge. All you can hear is Corey screaming something awful, (turns out to be “death” which is fitting, considering he sounds as though he’s being slowly murdered.)

The following track is “People = Shit” – a song that adequately fits the title. The band sings about why they hate the human condition. The song which comes after this tune is “Disasterpiece” which is the heaviest song and on the album (and also my favourite Slipknot song) bar none. The opening of this song is the coolest – Corey yelling at the top of his lungs. “Hold on to something!!!.” Then song then slides into a huge instrumental breakdown with some of the best riffing I have ever heard. This is pure Death Metal bliss, at its finest. This is what one needs to turn on when one is angry with the world. The opening lyrics sum up the entire emotional mood of this album, so if you are looking for pretty melodies and you don’t like the lyrics you’ve read thus far… well, I suggest you never listen to this album. For example, if you were to read on you'd come across, “I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound. I wanna push my face in and feel the swoon. I wanna dig inside, find a little bit of me, cause the lines get crossed when you don’t come clean.”

Another song on the album worth discussing is, “I am Hated”. Believe it or not, this song is fun to listen to. Corey’s vocals are once again very raspy and he spits out his lines so fast, it almost comes across as rapping. I love every second.

My biggest album complaint would be that the song “Iowa” is 15:04 minutes long! Other than that, it’s a classic and would probably be in my top 5 or 6. That long, boring, and tedious “Iowa” song affected an otherwise superb and well-put-together Death Metal album.

Other than that, I consider this an above-average Death Metal album. The lyrics throughout the album are good, but nothing special. What makes the lyrics appear outstanding is the application of Corey's raw, emotional, hate-filled pipes. And the vocals aren’t even the attention-grabber. By far, the instrumentals are what put the album into my top ten. I would classify the album’s music as ‘organized chaos’. Joey’s drumming is exceptional, especially on the songs “Disasterpiece”, “People=Shit”, and “Left Behind”.

A fun fact I recently learned about the album is that it peaked at #1 in Canada. (No surprise, really, as Canadians have always had good taste.) If you are a music lover who is into ‘heavier’ music, I highly suggest you purchase the CD, “Iowa” by Slipknot. It truly kicks ass.

Songs to check out: Disasterpeice, I Am Hated, My Plague, The Heretic Album

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