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#10 Madeline by Tickle Me Pink. My Favourite Albums To Date Thus Far ...: by Ian Albrecht

My Favourite Albums To Date: By Ian Albrecht

#10 Madeline
Artist- Tickle Me Pink
Album- Madeline
Genre- Alternative Rock

Lyrics 90/100, Vocals 90/100, Instrumental 85/100

Tickle Me Pink is a relatively unknown band who released their third album, Madeline, on July 1st, 2008. The publicity of the album’s release was overshadowed by the overdose death of bassist/ guitarist Johnny Schou, aged 22, on the same day. The band temporarily broke up and lead singer Sean Kennedy formed the band, Talisker Skye. Tickle Me Pink still performed gigs until their final one, March 5, 2011. The following day, Sean released a message reading, “Farewell all. We love you and will never forget you.

Madeline tackles a lot of touchy, subject matter. It covers basic topics such as: drug use, suicide, loss, and brutal breakups, as well as not so basic topics such as major issues of today's world, and morality. The opening track of this album, "Typical" is a simple kick-ass tune. It’s fun, fast, very rock style and has the lead singer telling off a girl. It sets a good mood for the whole album. The song, "Madeline" is easily the most emotional of the album. It’s about a girl the band was friends with and of her struggles with depression as well as suicidal tendencies. The song has a very guilty tone to it. With such lines such as, "Oh, I never said goodbye. I wish I would of tried. I couldn't hear her cries as she filled her veins with lies, until she saw the light." The raw emotion in Sean Kennedy's voice almost brings tears to my eyes, especially when he sings (my favourite line of all) "If I could turn back time, I'd find a way to remind you that somehow you could try to give in and fight the good fight. Oh, you didn't have to die, you filled your veins with lies, my precious Madeline."  

The singer, Sean, stated “It is somewhat ironic that many of our songs deal with death and a higher purpose. We want to let the world know how short life is…

The rest of the album continues to be solid, with songs of many feelings. The next worthy stop on this album has to be the song, "The Answer". Now even though "Madeline" has my favourite line, “The Answer” is my favourite song. It contains a great beginning, all soft, but then quickly cut off by Sean's questioning of a girl's reason for loving him. Another great lyric from this song, "The answer deep inside me, is ripping me apart, the truth of who you are. The answer deep inside me, is eating at my heart, I don't know who you are!" Oh yeah, chills from that line. Sean's voice perfectly reflects the subject matter and the only thing I can do, when listening, is question Sean as to who it was who hurt him? 

The last song worth talking about (despite most of the album being worthy) would be, "Beside The Others". This song has Sean questioning how he could ever be loved, because of his many weaknesses and flaws. This song is his way of releasing this girl, helping her move on by saying leave me, because I'm only gonna drag you down. However, simultaneously, he's being selfish because he won’t let her go. It is a true battle within his head and his morality. The best line in this song is, "If I could tell you one thing, I think that you should know. I'm not afraid to love you, just of letting go." The lyrics throughout the album are top notch. It affects the listener but is not over the top with metaphors and symbolism. The vocals, as aforesaid, are perfectly matched with the lyrics. Sadly, although the instrumental is good enough to crack my Top 10, they are not different, or outstanding in any way.

Songs To Check Out: Madeline, The Answer, Beside The Others, Tomorrow's Ending, I Can't Breathe

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