Saturday, April 24, 2010

Facebook Still Under Fire Regarding Lack of Privacy By Christine Albrecht

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Here’s an article I read an hour ago.

When I read articles such as this, I admonish myself for not trusting my ‘gut’. Every time I sign up for one of these ‘social networking’ sites, something inside tells me I am making a poor decision, yet I will push the hesitation aside and carry on.

Of course, if I feel too many personal questions are being unnecessarily asked, I will rarely sign on to a new site. I am always curious why they need that information for a site that merely wants to allow people to connect with each other? I understand EBay’s, or Paypal’s, need to confirm addresses etc. as they are a retail/money business, but why for social networking? I’d like to think I am clever enough to know that Raddim Naherlari, the wealthy banker from Nairobi, is not someone with whom I need to continue email correspondence. But in hindsight, considering the information that I have released online, I’m not that clever at all.

I have a Facebook account, in fact, I have two. One account I acquired simply for playing word games without any concern regarding the information I supplied and whether it is shared or not.. For those unaware, Facebook carries many third-party games, and activities. As soon as you attempt to receive a cyber ‘gift’, disclaimers pop up requiring you to release your information in order to continue. Well, my second account idea was not that clever after all, and my cautious approach has been in vain as any “friend” listed on my Facebook page may have inadvertently already released my information because he/she opted to sign onto a game. As soon as someone linked to my page, opens their page for scrutiny, I become a part of that scrutiny simply through default.

It’s a shame, really, as I like the social-networking premise of Facebook. The platform has allowed me to find old friends who had simply moved on - people whom I have always wondered about. I’ve also found people I‘ve needed to thank because of some impact they (unknowingly) made in my life. Facebook has allowed me these opportunities.

I am sure there is another social net-working program right around the corner, waiting to be launched. We’ll all jump on the bandwagon and Facebook will become less used, much like Myspace; still useful, but not relied upon.

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