Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sinderella's Last Sweep By: Lannon McGregor

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Midnight was marked by screams from their bedroom.

"I'm unhappy, John!" howled Sinderella, with her fury unleashed in his direction. John was confused.

Sinderella had been very happy earlier that day when she had told him how, unbelievably excited she was to be with him; and how she couldn't wait to find a job close to his house, so they could move in together, and get married!

Yes, John and Sinderella were deeply in love. They had met seven months prior and fell madly, deeply, and instantly in love.

Of course, they had their problems as most couples do, but Sinderella seemed unable to move beyond the general “couple bickering”. When the “bickering” got to be too much for her, she would denounce the feasibility of their relationship; leaving John begging forgiveness, while alternately declaring his undying love,in order for her to return.

John offered to act out these memorized scenes, as he truly didn't know how else to keep Sinderella happy.

In hindsight, he had quit his “bad” habits for her; he bought her nice, “random” gifts; gave her copious amounts of attention, and provided her with affection whenever he thought she might need it.

Despite John’s efforts, every once in a while he and Sinderella would have an argument which would result in her final assessment that she and John were not 'as happy' together as they had originally been led to believe.

Despite her occasional misgivings; John had never had any doubts. He knew the moment he met Sinderella, he wanted to marry her.

He often reminisced back to that day when he first saw her, sitting on a bench with this incredible, giant-white, aura reflecting about her. The aura’s blinding light merely highlighted the absolute perfection of Sinderella’s unconventional beauty.

John vaguely understood how relationships work. First rule he always told himself - It is natural for couples to fight. They are known for it - especially in the first year.

But by midnight, tempers were flaring at both ends, and at an all-time high.

"I don't know how to keep you happy!" John screamed, while Sinderella’s Dad continuing to snore loudly, oblivious, in the adjacent room.

"I have tried, Baby. I really have! I love you more than life itself, and I just don't know what to give anymore." He paused to gauge her reaction.

She exhaled a sigh, while simultaneously cracking a smirk, and announced in her 'little-girl voice' to John, “Are you going to Fix the shoes?"

"Fix the ... what? What do you mean? The shoes are fine."

Yes, she knew the shoes were fine; she was joking with him and when he realized the joke after her third: Fix...” repetition. This indicated the end of the spat. He was relieved that the fight was over, and relieved she loved him again.

John and Sinderella’s roaring laughter replaced the earlier hate-filled screams for the rest of the evening.

When John got off work the next day, he went home and tried to relax. Again, it had not been a great day. With a shitty day, comes a man’s need to talk to the woman he loves. He just needs to hear three-little-words to set things ‘right’ in his world.

Sinderella neglected to say those words. Purposely? John proceeded to sulk and spout off like a complete idiot. And so, the cycle continued.

This, in turn, sent Sinderella into a rage: "I am done with you!" she screamed. "You are toxic to me, and to our relationship!"

John was shocked and somewhat bewildered. After she left, he decided to switch off his phone; relax the rest of the night, and hopefully she would be calmer by the morning.

When morning came, he found that she hadn't tried to contact him at all. John is generally an impatient guy, but he felt it was important that he try playing this waiting game, (although she usually won). Of course, this time was no different, so a new approach would be needed.

He told her he was fine with her “breaking up” with him, and (gulp) he couldn't be happier (which was a total lie). In reality, the only thing he wanted was Sinderella. He wanted her attention; her affection. He worried that perhaps he wanted too much.

Sinderella's response? After she and John had fought the night before, she decided to go out with another man whom she was also starting to have strong feelings for.

John felt ruined and disillusioned. Never before had he felt a love so powerful, yet here he was, losing his grasp on it? He also wondered if he was also losing his grasp on life as he’d known before?

Yes, he determined, he had lost his grasp on his love, and on his life as he'd known it.

To John, Sinderella had been completely honest in the seven months they were together. When she told him how happy he made her and how quickly she wanted to marry him, he felt loved and accepted. But now, he felt betrayed and discarded. She couldn't even wait two hours to move on to another man? To say he felt 'useless' was the ultimate understatement.

John went home after work to an empty house; grabbed his roommate's gun from its hidden spot and blew his jealous brain all across the carpet.

As love seeped and trickled out of the fresh wound in John’s temple, his last thought was how he couldn’t exist in a world where people could abuse their power to randomly hurt others.

John felt this was the only way out - this was his end of the road. Now, if only he would have waited just one more day.

We all know that time heals all wounds.

Well, that is... except gunshots to the head.


Anonymous said...

Brilliantly written! It was a great read for those who feel as though they are disillusioned in a relationship.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVED this article! I agree with you whole heartedly and as you stated - if intercourse and the ensuing results are considered "sainthood"- then I'm a saint three times over!! GO ME!!! I had a wonderful time reading this article and a great laugh. It's so refreshing to read something from someone who thinks the same as I do. THANK YOU!!!