Monday, April 09, 2012

Alpha Male By Lannon McGregor

Alpha male has broken his cage,

Gnaws on bones and rusty blades.

Hard as fuck!" his snarls say, 

His breath is warm, rotten decay.

Fangs are yellow, with rabid foam, 

Arms are inked up, flexing tone,

Chest is pumped up, breathing slowly,

Dressed-up peacock - head to toe. 

Lives in flashy, cool success, 

Skanks swarm to his quick caress,

While his pack scavenges on those he’s left, 

And howl - these horny, lonely pests. 

Those who fly outside his flock,

Watch in silence, hushed they scoff, 

"It's not so great" they whisper soft,

But who wouldn’t love to be on top?

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