Monday, April 20, 2009

Japanese Rockers, FACT: Accident Cancels Concert Tour By: Christine Albrecht

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Both good and disappointing news were received by many FACT fans on April 14, 2009. On the same date the Japanese rock band's self-titled debut, Vagrant/Maximum FACT, was being released, they were involved in a serious van accident on Interstate 85. The band was on their way to an Altoona, PA. gig from Montgomery, AL. when they were struck by a Chevy 'Malibu' which had crossed the median. The two vehicles collided head on, flipping FACT's 15-passenger van onto its side. (Charges are pending against the driver of a third vehicle which allegedly forced the Malibu into the median.)

Drummer Eiji suffered a broken arm; singer Hiro sustained a concussion, while the other members received mild injuries. Relief was expressed at the news that tour manager, John Kim's, internal injuries were not as serious as originally reported. The most serious of the injuries were broken ribs (as reported by Elizabeth Richardson of the Times-Herald).

The band cancelled their final two US concert dates as well as cleared their Canadian bookings (to be rescheduled at a later date) in order to recuperate in Japan.

The members of FACT are:

Takahiro (guitars, vocals),

Tomohiro (bass, vocals),

Eiji (drums, vocals),

Hiro (lead vocals), and

Kazuki (guitar, vocals).

Drop the members of FACT a note at their myspace page.

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